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    Bodega Bay, Austin Creek, and the San Luis Reservoir  

    Nice... first post in about a month -- what a good blogger I am.  Nevertheless, here are some short videos I took of tide pools around Bodega Bay, as well as a clip from the hills in the Austin Creek State Receration Area, just north of Armstrong Woods.  The first clip is footage I took while driving past the San Luis Reservior. 

    Driving past the San Luis Reservoir on the Pacheco Pass Highway at Sundown.  You can't see, but I'm driving a mint-condition 1965 neon-blue convertible Corvette, my back-seat passengers are two platinum blondes, and riding shotgun is a Great Dane named Chase.  He gets all the ladies.


    Sea Anemones have one orifice through which they consume food and expunge waste, thus, they eat with their ass and shit with their mouths.  They clearly don't like being poked, but if you're going to do it, I advise that you start with your finger, as the tentacles are prickly.

    Cliffs, coast, and ice plants.

     Above the redwood forest of Armstrong Woods in Northern California is the Austine Creek SRA. 

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