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    Poems X

    (There has been some confusion about some of my poems, so to clarify: most of my poems are simply jokes and, like everything in this Fiction section, should not be taken seriously.)

    Last year I vowed to write-off writing poems because of a weird experience I had reading some at a public venue.  Due to printer problems and lack of preparation, my reading attempt crashed and burned in an embarrassing travesty after which I promised myself that I would never write another stupid poem again.   However, I did write one while in Belize last month that I dedicate to the wonderful people and animals of that country.  The Belize poem is followed by a few more that I found in the files.


    Mayan girls with cacao eyes
    White sand beaches and coconut trees
    Rivers and jungles teeming with life
    These are the things that you’ll find in Belize

    Cities of stone buried by time
    Hammocks swaying in the breeze
    Death begets life and life is fine
    When you’re swaying on hammocks in Belize

    Beneath the moon and the stars lie sacred seas
    An aquatic universe of coral galaxies
    The plankton are stars on which whale sharks feed
    As they ferry their souls through worlds of reef

    Howler monkey howl in mahogany trees
    In turquoise channels swim manatees
    Like the turtles and dolphins they are truly free
    To live their beautiful lives in simplicity

    As humanity descends into World War Three
    And we destroy the planet to extents unseen
    I wonder if this is the last century
    That people will live in Belize

    If the human species were to go extinct
    Yet life for all others were to proceed
    Animals would flourish in anarchy
    And empty hammocks would sway in Belize


    I'm afraid we will find out soon
    That this whole human species is doomed
    Due to the resources we take
    From this planet we've raped
    We'll all have to move to the moon


    Here in the city
    Life is quite shitty
    Between the concrete, the traffic, and cars

    They’ve cut down the trees
    Polluted the seas
    And drowned out the moon and the stars

    I look to escape
    Beyond the walls of this maze
    But I keep getting trapped in the bars

    Smell the shit on the streets
    The burnt gasoline
    The cigarette smoke and hot tar 

    External construction
    Internal destruction
    The growth of this city leaves scars

    In our minds and on Earth
    To machines we give birth
    Like robots with high-tech stretch marks

    We consume endlessly
    Are addicted to screens
    And tear the natural world apart 

    We take more than we need
    And still are not pleased
    Becuase we don't know who we are

    So when we lie down to die
    We remain hungry inside
    For the nature of which we are starved

    Yeah, here in the city
    Life is quite shitty
    But at least it’s not Livermore.


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